January 10, 2010

Zalman NBF47 North Bridge Cooler

Dimensions 169 x 75 x 85 mm
Weight 181 g
Interface USB
Data format 16 bit
USB sample rate 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz
Cursor control optical sensor
Image processing 6400 fps
Tracking resolution up to 2000 dpi
Maximum speed 1 m/s
Maximum acceleration 15G
Button durability over 5 million presses

Zalman FG-1000 was made special with the handle of a weapon. Mouse Zalman FG-1000 is quite unique, because there is no mouse made specifically for combat game play. Zalman want to fulfill the desire to complete products, such as convenience for gaming equipment.

Package Zalman FG-1000 is equipped with a CD driver and programs. When the install mouse penguna Zalman FG-1000 can activate the option menu of each key is and the accuracy of mouse movement. Zalman FG-1000 using LED technology, the test is compatible with the mouse pad surface plastic and metal type.

Design Zalman FG-1000 was made ergonomic. Placements are made to facilitate the key players in controlling the weapons. The speed of the keyboard keys may require a slower search time. While the control buttons on the mouse Zalman FG-1000 is equipped with 2 buttons other assistants in order to facilitate and speed up the selection in the game menu.

In the picture below, the primary keys as control buttons. Options button on the left and right mouse triggers fire dibagian removed. Normal mouse scroll was later transferred to the white scroll button with your thumb function.

2 extra buttons to function as a key option, like choosing to go up or down menus are commonly found in console games

Zalman FG-1000 is light as a gaming mouse. To facilitate the movement of the mouse, Zalman FG-1000 is equipped with a mouse foot teflon material. There are 8 parts of the foot is on the mouse. The position of the optical eye is placed at the front of the mouse.

Control your mouse through the software


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