February 20, 2010

Microsoft Zune HD Vs Apple iPod Touch , Comparisons

The microsoft Zune HD MP3 player added to the Amazon and on last day the images of the player was leaked. As per the sources the Zune HD will be available from September 15. Also the new zune HD Mp3 player will be available in 16GB and 32 GB platinum model.

The microsoft Zune HD mp3 player is now available for pre ordering via Amazon. As per Amazon's preorder page 16GB Zune HD Black for $220 (Rs. 10,560 approx.) and 32GB Zune HD Platinum for $290 (Rs. 13,920 approx.).

The new Microsoft Zune HD Mp3 player is considered as the perect competer to the iPod Touch. while comparing the prices the 16GB Zune HD costs $220 (Rs. 10,560 approx.)and second generation 16GB iPod Touch costs $299 (Rs. 14,400 approx.), 32GB Zune HD costs $290 which is way cheaper than the 32GB iPod Touch which costs $399 (Rs. 19,200 approx.). Here the Zune makes a strong position over the iPod Touch.

Microsoft Zune HD mp3 player comes with a HDMI port and an integrated Bing's search which is a surprise element to all. Another advantage of Microsoft Zune HD player is that it can be used as an external storage device without a third party program. But Apple iPod Touch doesn't support these features evenif it can be used as an external storage device by using some softwares.

While Microsoft comes with the new Zune HD Mp3 player, Apple is coming with its latest 3rd generation iPod Touch that comes with an integrated camera. No other specifications of Apple iPod Touch 3G is not available now so we can't compare these two now.

Let us wait for next war between Microsoft Zune 3rd edition and the third Edition Apple iPod Touch.


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