February 6, 2010

Apple iPod Nano Generation 5 Features and specifications

The fifth generation Nano packs bundled with iPod nano, Earphones, USB 2.0 cable, Dock adapter and Quick Start guide. Apple introduced the new fifth generation iPod Nano to compete with Microsoft Zune HD and latest Sony Walkman Players. The major Feature of Apple iPod Nano is the inbuilt camera an the FM radio.

While Coming to the design part, the new Apple iPod Nano 5th generation looks exactly same of the previous versions. But the major changes comes there in the display, inbuilt camera and click wheel. The new iPod Nano 5th generation comes with a larger 2.2 inch display while compared to the 2.0 inch display of the previous versions. Also it is equipped with a Camera on the rear side. The position of the Microphone is changed to the rear side from the bottom. The size of the click wheel below the display is reduced a lot.
The new 5th generation iPod Nano from Apple has a polished anodized aluminium finish. The new Ipod nano uses the same classic iPod UI. Only change comes in is the addition of the video camera menu. Clicking on the option starts the camera instantly with the same shutter opening animation on the iPhone. There was many complaints about the inavailability of FM radio in the Apple iPods and the now the complaints got solved as Apple has put in an FM radio in the new iPod Nano. The FM radio application is very well done and has a superb interface design, supports RDS and more importantly has Live Pause feature, which actually pauses the radio broadcast all the while recording it to the memory and the nano can record up to 15 minutes of radio.

Other major features are Pedometer ane the VoiceOver. Apple added the accelerometer in the nano to even greater use than just rotating the display orientation. The Pedometer also calculates your steps and als calculates the calories you lost during taking these steps. All you have to do is to enter your weight and and then just slip the device in your pocket. VoiceOver feature is the same that is equipped in iPod Shufflewhich has been carried over from the iPod shuffle and this features tells you about the track playing in the Nano.

Apple company claims that the new 5th gen iPod Nano offers 24 hours for audio playback and five hours for video playback. Overall the new Apple Ipod Nano is a perfect multimedia player with many improved features. The iPod Nano fifth generation player comes in seven different colours - silver, charcoal, purple, blue, green, orange and pink. Also it will be available in 2 models - 8GB and 16 GB. The new iPod nano are priced at Rs. 9,400 for the 8 GB model while the 16GB Apple iPod Nano will be available at a price of Rs. 11,200.


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